16 June 2019

Elegy in f-minor for the piano,moderato e appasionato-lento by Ali Baghirov

Elegy in f-minor is a piano piece written by azerbaijani composer Ali Baghirov in August,2018.Composer was inspired by the Chopin's Nocturne in c-minor.Composition is very passionate in the beginning and emotional in the middle.Introduction gets more and more loud till dynamic quality becomes forte.Elegy ends with a mysterious chords.

Summer of 2018 was going away.It was August's end.This month was the most important one in my art.Because this month I composed one of best works.It was Elegy in f-minor.I was just improvising piano,when inspiration came.I don't exactly know,where did it come from,but it wasn't so important like the result of my work.My best work of Summer,2018.Composition I created wasn't so difficult,but writing something advanced wasn't my aim at that time.I was more interested in the harmony,and so I have created my Elegy.Summer,2019 began.I decided to arrange my work for a classical orchestra.That's why I began my cooperation with Ralf Christoph Kaiser-composer and arranger from Germany,who arranged my Elegy for an orchestra,for what I am very thankful to him.



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